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  •             We have more than 100 customers all over China and have established the amity business relations with many famous companies as well as a national dealer network. Our business covers a lot of industries such as petrochemicals, steel, electric power (including nuclear power), electronics, automotive manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, railway, machine building, gear box, etc. we have good reputation and credibility not only in domestic but also overseas markets. To face globalization challenges, we never stop exploring new developing opportunities although we have already got success in the past years.

                    Welcome all circles personage to patronize wholeheartedly, guidance and incoming telegram will case hang down ask.

                    Pattern Trade & Industry (Nanjing) Inc. was established in 2002, in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province, China.Main businesses focus on:Traditional import and export trade. Working as the agent/distributor of Imp. and Exp. products.Contractor of the projects.

    Pattern Trade & Industry (Nanjing) Inc.

    company contacts:Miss Liu


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